Speaking Testimonials

I connected with Eric through the ProVisors business network as I was searching for an expert in product innovation that regularly spoke on the topic. I asked Eric to create a new interactive talk for an April 2023 joint event with my Middle Market Affinity group and my colleague's Distributor & Manufacturer's Affinity group on the topic of innovation. Eric did an outstanding job delivering his new talk, "Boost Innovation, Boost Business" to over 40 ProVisors professionals in attendance. It covered topics including Innovation Auditing, Brainstorming, Asset Based Innovation, as well as numerous examples of successful product innovations. Eric's talk was well received, and we look forward to having him back for another talk in the future.

Adrian Bray, CEO, Stellar Business Consulting

I teach the BUS 364: Innovation course at the University of Portland. We spend a significant amount of time discussing the importance of innovation to a firm's competitive advantage. I was able to bring Eric in to speak on that very subject in March 2023. He shared his "Innovation Mashup" presentation which included What is Product Innovation, How to Boost Innovation, and numerous real-world examples of successful corporate product innovations that he has been involved in developing. My students found Eric very interesting and relatable. They enjoyed how he brought his early innovative experiences into his talk. Be sure to ask Eric about his Bug Business. I look forward to having him come back to speak to my class when it is next offered.

Kay F. Molkentin, Entrepreneurship Professor of Practice, University of Portland