Corporate Testimonials

“I brought Eric into a client in the Fall of 2015 to help them move their new industrial UV sterilizing HVAC related product through the R&D process and get it out into the market. Prior to Eric's arrival the product was stuck between marketing and R&D, and its launch plan unclear. Eric was brought in to organize the product innovation process, help the R&D group be clear about their mission, and also clarify the product’s requirements.

In the end, Eric acted as a program manager as well as a Fractional R&D Director. He was able to ensure that the product requirements that the marketplace valued were embedded in the product and the product got out into the market as quickly as possible. He helped the company with R&D strategy as well as Operations efficiency challenges they had. If anyone is looking for an expert to organize a small to medium-sized company’s R&D process, Eric is the person to call. I plan to recommend Eric to more of my clients in the future.”

Eli Eisenberg, Founder & CEO, Straight Line Management

"Eric Rose and I worked together at Interlink Electronics. We co-developed a training program to teach engineers and marketing managers the fundamentals of project management for new product development projects. The training was well-received and established a common language and model for running NPD projects. It also set a standard for project management performance.

During this same period, Eric took on the role of Project Manager for a critical and complex new remote control product. He did an excellent job and successfully delivered the product to mass production. He also provided a model for how such a project should be managed.”

Dave Stallard, VP Engineering, Interlink Electronics

“I worked with Eric Rose during the early years of the Intel/Mattel Smart Toy Lab, from Summer 1998 to Spring 2000. Eric was Mattel’s Product Engineering Manager at the time. He was responsible for the products’ production designs & manufacturing engineering for all products in the Intel® Play™ toy line. This included the flagship QX3 digital video microscope as well as several others. His role was central and far reaching in the overall product development pipeline. Eric had to work upstream with development (toy design, mechanical/ electrical/ software/ packaging engineering), product quality, safety and integration, product planning and marketing, as well as with downstream production and manufacturing, even with Asia. He bridged the Portland, OR and El Segundo, CA Mattel corporate offices by his frequent visits to the Portland Smart Toy Lab.

Eric was thoughtful and very competent in his work, was highly committed to the team’s success, had an excellent professional and personal rapport with his colleagues at all levels of the organization, and possessed outstanding communication skills. I found Eric to be of unquestionable integrity.“

Herman D’Hooge, Innovation Strategist, Intel Corporation