Corporate Services

Consultation with established businesses to help bring new products to market through customer discovery, product definition, technical development, manufacturing, and into market launch using disciplined project management processes.

Generating New Revenue
Whether from research and development, strategic partnerships, or existing intellectual property, Eric will make recommendations for the best approach to move from opportunity to new revenue growth. This work includes identifying new market segments and what new products would be best to generate revenue in those segments.

Strategic Product Innovation Audits
Analyze strengths, identify improvements, and focus on the perfect market opportunities to drive growth and optimize your assets. Eric helps companies maximize the benefit of their New Product Development (NPD) strategies.

NPD Process Development
Drive new products to market efficiently by creating NPD processes that move from opportunity to market reality quickly. Eric’s NPD process experience includes FDA and ISO controlled environments as well as consumer and industrial products NPD processes.

Advisory Board Member
Improve the effectiveness of technical, strategic, and growth decisions by integrating a trusted independent perspective from an innovation expert. Eric is best suited in this role for companies with $5M-$50M in annual sales.

NPD Training
NPD training including, managing the key trade offs during the NPD process, design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA), transferring new products from R&D into manufacturing, and training both technical and non-technical staff in NPD project management.

Technical Staffing Review
An NPD plan needs the technical staff to put it in action. A full review of NPD strategy alongside current staffing ensures that they synchronize and produce the best possible outcome.

Project Management
From simple toys to complex electro-mechanical systems, rely on Eric’s 35+ years of experience and independent perspective to keep your projects meeting their goals.

Production Scale Up
Opportunities come from many directions and at unusual times. This can cause the need to rapidly scale up production to meet demand. Eric has 35+ years of manufacturing experience including scaling up to meet rapidly growing market demand.

Supply chain challenges, particularly from Asia, have significantly worsened in recent times. If this has happened to your company perhaps it’s time to consider whether some of your contract manufactured items should be brought back to the USA. As part of Eric’s 35+ years of manufacturing experience, he has successfully reshored items from Asia to be made in the USA.

Technical Due Diligence
Lenders, venture capitalists, and private equity firms need insight into the technical aspects of deals when evaluating the risk and likelihood of a deal’s success. Eric’s analysis of product design, manufacturing, supply chain, and technical staffing identifies possible obstacles to market launch in support of funding or acquisition decision-making.

Product Liability Reviews
Such reviews are important to ensure product safety in use and that corporate risks are minimized. These reviews include technical specifications, failure mode and effect analysis, supplier agreements, product testing, material certifications, and more.