Product Liability

Product Design Expert Witness Services

Making the Technical Understandable. Developing a new product is a complex process involving design, product development, and ultimately manufacturing. At any step of the way, errors can result in flaws in the finished product that could potentially injure an end user.

Product Creation Storytelling

Establishing whether a product involved in an injury was defective means discovering the path by which a product went from concept to reality and where along the way one or more failures may have occurred. An insightful product design expert witness is key in turning technical documents that tell those product creation stories into language that can be understood by a judge or jury and communicating them clearly.

Experience Counts

Eric P. Rose has 35+ years’ experience in product innovation, product development, and manufacturing in the consumer, medical, and industrial product industries. His experience spans a wide array of manufacturing processes and materials including plastics, metals, and more. As a product design expert, he can provide a candid and impartial assessment on:

  • Design: Was the product properly designed for its intended users and applications? Was sufficient data gathered prior to design, establishing adequate design requirements?
  • Product development: Were appropriate internal and industry standards followed during development? If standards were followed, were they clearly defined and adhered to during development? Was the product adequately tested to show efficacy and safety for the product’s intended use as well as foreseeable misuse, and were those test results appropriately documented? Were competitive products benchmarked as part of the product design and development?
  • Manufacturing: Are there manufacturing records showing the product was produced according to the design specifications, ensuring that what was produced and shipped to the end user actually matched the design specifications?

Product Liability Consulting & Expert Witness Services

When a product liability action hinges on potential flaws in design or manufacture, hiring an expert witness at the outset can help shape your case’s discovery and prevent costly missteps. Whether you represent a plaintiff or defendant, Eric P. Rose can help you evaluate and structure your case through:

  • Discovery: Guiding you in requesting the correct documentation, including reports, test results, and internal correspondence, to get the complete design, development, and manufacturing history.
  • Expert Report: Reviewing the requested information and producing a written report that summarizes the findings in language accessible to a layperson using both objective standards as well as Eric’s 35+ years’ experience.
  • Deposition: Giving expert testimony in deposition for mediation, settlement, or trial proceedings at a level comprehensible to nonexperts.
  • Trial: Testifying at trial to confidently provide expert perspective on key technical evidence, leveraging his long experience teaching technical content to nontechnical audiences.

For more information on how Eric’s expert witness services can make the technical understandable in your legal proceedings, contact him here.

Curriculum Vitae, Daubert, and case experience information is available upon request.