As a product innovation and management expert, Eric P. Rose has been writing on the subjects of product design, product development, intellectual property, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and product liability for over a decade. Among his most notable pieces are:

“3 Keys to Successful New Products®: Many entrepreneurs learn the hard way there’s more to product success than creating a novel invention. In fact, over 95% of all patents fail to be licensed or commercialized. Learn about the three essential elements that new products must have—marketability, technical feasibility, and protectability—to increase the odds of intellectual property commercialization success.

“Proper Product Design & Product Liability”: Flaws in design, manufacturing, and quality assurance processes can result in dangerous product defects and serious product liability exposure. Discover how proper product design and development processes can reduce costly liability exposure and associated litigation when producing a manufactured product, and learn about a notable example and the significant consequences of missteps in its design, development, and production.

“Creating a Product the Market Wants: Customer Discovery and Product Market Fit”: Over one-third of startups fail because they deliver a product to the market that the market does not value. Learn how to effectively conduct market research to find your ideal users, identify their key needs, and use those insights to create a product that effectively balances design and manufacturing tradeoffs while retaining the benefits that will attract and retain customers.

“Managing NPD Project Tradeoffs” Visions magazine: In new product development, tradeoffs between cost, quality, and schedule are inevitably necessary to optimize objectives. However, this simplistic framework can be inadequate, leading to critical project misunderstandings. Eric’s expanded and clarified decision-making framework of the critical tradeoffs for an NPD project offers helpful guidance to entrepreneurs, small businesses, and others for the profitable development of manufactured products.

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