Entrepreneur Services

Product innovation services tailored for entrepreneurs to ensure that new products meet the development requirements, are produced efficiently, and are positioned to prosper.

New Product Development (NPD) Strategy
Build NPD strategies that drive growth by capitalizing on market opportunities, human and financial resources, and industry best practices.

Product Development Assistance and Reviews
Execute against the product requirements to deliver a product that is valued by the market and provides a profit to the entrepreneur’s venture.

Market Research / Product Insights
The market for new products often can be unclear and gaining insights into what products would be most valued in the market can be difficult to decipher. Enlist a team of experts to help decode your product’s market potential through the various market research and product insight services offered.

Intellectual Property Support
Manage the creation of Invention Disclosures in support of patent filings. Patent claims review regarding mechanical design attributes to drive novel and non-infringing “design-arounds.” IP commercialization through market research and license pitching.

Project Management 
Whether starting from scratch or already underway, drive products through the NPD process and into the market quickly while respecting cash flow needs. Eric will guide your project through his “3 Keys to Successful New Products®” including, Marketability, Technical Feasibility, and Protectability.

Source New Product Manufacturing
Benefit from 35+ years’ experience with domestic and international networks to source new product manufacturers and negotiate quotes from manufacturing and tooling providers.

Crowdfunding Support
Rely on an industry expert to manage the behind-the-scenes development and meet project milestones. Build investor confidence by demonstrating the ability to deliver a quality product and keep production promises.

Advisory Board Member
Improve the effectiveness of technical, strategic, and growth decisions by integrating a trusted independent perspective from an innovation expert.