Expert Witness Testimonials

I recruited Eric in November of 2023 as a product design expert witness where Jacoby and Meyers represented the plaintiff in a furniture injury case. Eric was a great fit because of his significant furniture design, development, manufacturing, and product testing experience. He was able to quickly develop a strong grasp of the case materials. He worked cooperatively with myself and our other attorney on the team as well as another technical expert. His solid preparation yielded a Summary of Opinions that did not overlap with the case’s other technical expert and Eric delivered strong well-founded opinions.

Eric testified in the case’s deposition showing his strength as an expert by using his communication skill and maintaining a very professional demeanor. When pushed by the defense counsel during deposition, Eric came back unruffled with additional content to refute the defense counsel’s assertions. During deposition Eric was able to opine on the existing product's design flaws. He also provided alternative safer product designs with reasonable manufacturing cost implications.

The case settled favorably for our client due notably to Eric’s work. I will recommend Eric be brought in on future product liability cases at our firm and will recommend him to my colleagues at other firms as well.

Laura Sedrish, Esq., Partner, Jacoby and Meyers Attorneys LLP

I was connected to Eric in October 2022 through our mutual membership in the ProVisors business network. I was looking for a product design expert who could review our defense case in the furniture industry. Eric’s experience with recliners and other seating items was what we hoped we could find in an expert. Eric was thorough as well as expeditious in reviewing competitive products and the details of our case. His contributions not only helped my client the insurance company recognize their potential exposure but also provided us with significant weaknesses in the plaintiff’s theory of causation and liability.

The matter settled before going to court. The settlement was considered a success by my client and their insured, the product distributor, as we did not have to pay as much as we feared. Eric’s work was a job very well done!

Jason Booth, Partner, Booth LLP
I opened conversation with Eric regarding an electromechanical device patent infringement case in late 2022. Eric and his team stood out in our patent infringement case by offering a level of clarity in explaining the intricacies of a specific function within the electrical circuit system that surpassed even the engineer who designed it. During the project, Eric and his team not only showcased an in-depth understanding of the subject matter but also demonstrated superior communication skills.
Eric’s work demonstrated the significance of having an expert witness who can effectively bridge the gap between intricate technicalities and layman comprehension. Eric and his team’s ability to articulate the workings of the function in question played a pivotal role in establishing the merit of our case, showcasing his expertise as an invaluable asset. Eric’s clear and concise explanations aided our legal team in securing a favorable settlement for our client.
Anooj Patel, Registered Patent Attorney, Hankin Patent Law