Entrepreneur Testimonials

Lani Taylor, Founder/CEO Mobot Nation Inc., a company which offers the world’s first and only foam roller water bottle to the market, provides Eric P. Rose, NPDP, MBA a testimonial for his product innovation consulting services.

"I am a Board-certified orofacial pain specialist recognized by the American Dental Association. I treat patients with acute and chronic pain of the mouth, jaw, head, and neck. I first began working with Eric in the summer of 2017. I came to Eric with a rough model of a simple but novel product designed to reduce TMJ and jaw pain. It’s called “gentle jaw” and it is a passive jaw stretching device that is used to stretch the closing muscles of the jaw which are the muscles that cause pain from clenching, grinding, stress, etc.

Eric helped me to refine the design of my invention, confirm the material for molding, source potential manufacturers, obtain production quotations, visit the final candidate molder, and guide me through the tooling design, tool build, and production launch. My new product is now patented and launched. It can be found at, gentlejaw.com.

I recommend that entrepreneurs who want to develop and commercialize new products take advantage of Eric's 35+ years of product innovation, manufacturing, and commercialization experience."

Dr. Rich Hirschinger, Inventor gentle jaw®, yoga for the jaw®